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Getting Name Recognition Without Touching Your Computer!

by Kevin Nunley

Many Internet businesses fall into the common trap of limiting themselves to Internet advertising. In fact, the companies that succeed are usually the ones that can cross boundaries and create a presence both ON and AWAY from the computer terminal.

One way that successful companies integrate Internet- and non-Internet advertising is to come up with creative ways of having their name seen by potential customers. The key here is that if your customers see your name away from the computer, they will remember it when they sit down and start using their search engines.

There are countless ways that you can create name recognition for your company. Here are three techniques that I've seen work really well:

* Wear Your Advertising: Try having customers WEAR your ads. Logos and slogans printed on shirts, hats, even underwear is a hot trend in advertising. People in the ad biz call them "wearables."

There is a big increase in the number of companies that allow casual dress days. That is a great opportunity to get your wearable message in front of lots of people in a particular industry. Prospects are much more likely to consider and purchase business services and products if they get your ad message while they are at work.

Check your local yellow pages under "advertising specialties." It is not unusual to find a small home-based shop producing top notch T-shirts and jackets. If there isn't a supplier near you, check any search engine with the terms-advertising, wearable. Dozens of links will pop up.

* Put a Sign On Your Car: As our cities sprawl with growth each year, many of us find ourselves commuting ever longer distances to work. Long commutes in slow traffic are making signs on automobiles an effective low-cost way to advertise.

You can use magnetic signs, window stickers, or have your message painted on the side of your car, van, or tuck. Check the Yellow Pages for a printer, sign company, or banner maker who can provide your signs.

Online check:

Because we tend to drive along with the same clump of cars for significant distances, people can see your sign for 15 to20 minutes. Your signs can work as a prolonged highway infomercial.

* Take Advantage of Billboards: Billboards are a classic way of reaching customers in a specific neighborhood. You can target certain routes to work, residential communities, even workers at particular plants.

Not all states and communities allow billboards. You may have to use posters or small signs. These are even more effective in areas that don't have billboards.

Keep your billboard message simple. There is no way people will understand detailed copy at 70 miles per hour. Instead, let a photo help tell your story. A headline, graphic, and two bullets are generally the most your can effectively use.

Major corporations are always interested in creating "Brand Recognition" for their products. That's why you see so many commercials that don't seem to be selling much of anything -- they are simply trying to get you to remember the NAME so that it will come to mind when you make your next purchase. As a small businessperson, you can do the same thing by being creative with your advertising and thinking outside the computer "box."

Looking for ways to market your product, service, or idea? Ask Kevin! He'll give you fresh promotion ideas free--no obligation. Reach Kevin Nunley and his staff of marketing experts at kevin@d... or 801-328-9006. See the promotion packages that are working best for his customers at

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