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6 Points to Make Your Postcards Pop!

By Mitone Bennett

If you're short on cash, but long on the need to advertise (and who isn't?), then postcards are the answer to your promotional prayers! They're less expensive than other direct mail pieces, both in printing costs as well as in stamp costs. But don't think just because they're quicker and cheaper that you should spend any less time on their creation! With the right ad copy and colorful graphics, an inexpensive investment in postcards is a good way to expand your bottom line! Don't forget to follow these few tips to increase your response rate:

1. You've only got 5 Seconds to convince your customer to keep your card! Full color postcards will grab her attention; heavy use of the word "YOU" will make her feel special.

2. It does no good to send one card. (Believe me, I know from personal experience!) It's best to back up your first mailing with a second and third to keep your Branding FRESH! And when cards are only 12 cents apiece, it won't be too expensive!

3. Make sure you send your cards to the right people! Use a targeted mailing list, or your own database of previous customers. You can find a good mailing list by researching "mailing lists" at yahoo.

4. Tell EXACTLY what it is you're selling right away! Remember the 5-second rule.

5. Do not put too much on a postcard. The best thing to do is just sell one product per mailing.

6. Both sides of your card should sell. Don't neglect the "address" side, as that is the one folks look at to see if the mail is theirs!

Mitone Bennett is a Web & Graphics Designer, as well as the Marketing Director for a huge Bed & Breakfast in Southwest Kansas. Read more marketing ideas at her site . Be sure and enter her Business Card Makeover Contest while you're there! Reach her at moi@m...

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