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Use Repetition to Increase Your Sales

by Lisa Lake

Repetition will increase your sales.
Repetition will increase your sales.
Repetition will increase your sales.

Have I made my point? Probably. You certainly know what this article is about, don't you. Now let me tell you a little story:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl named Trixy. Trixy was the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. She was so beautiful that Prince John fell madly in love with her beautiful face. But Trixy, who was incredibly beautiful, thought she was too beautiful even for Prince John. So Trixy decided to join a rock band and be a backup dancer. The End.

Without looking back at the story, can you recall what the prince's name was? Maybe you can and maybe you can't. But, without looking back at the story, can you tell me what was so special about Trixy? You most definitely can. And why can you remember what was so special about Trixy? Because I repeated it about six times!

This same principle can be applied to your marketing to help people remember your message. I often see commercials on television that impress me as clever and visually engaging, but ask me thirty seconds later and I won't remember the name of the product being advertised. I don't have a faulty memory. I just need things to be pounded into my head sometimes.

Your advertising should definitely not use as much repetition as my story did. However, you do need to figure out what is the most important thing to communicate to your potential customers hammer that point home. If you are having a sale, you need to emphasize that you are having a sale. If you are advertising to get your name out, you should repeat your name and address at least twice.

Don't be afraid that people will find your advertisement annoying. Many people only listen to advertisements with half an ear. Advertising becomes like subliminal messaging. It is always going on in the background, even if no one is paying rapt attention to it. We can all recite certain logos and jingles, even though most of us don't make an effort to memorize them.

Don't just repeat yourself in your ad. When you find your target market, advertise where you think people will hear it and do it over and over again. There is a local jeweler who advertises constantly on every radio station I listen to. I always know when they are having a sale and what will be on sale. I will also remember their exact address until my dying day.

Repetition is one of the best marketing strategies you can use to convince people and help them remember your name and your message, so you better use it. Don't make me repeat myself!

Lisa Lake has created a list of top ways to promote your business or career. See her Lisa also writes ad copy that sells for DrNunley's Reach her at mailto:lisa@m... or 801-328-9006.

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