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Select Your Strengths First, Then Select Your Business

So, you like the idea of starting your own business, and network marketing, Internet marketing, or re-selling other's products appeals to you as a great way to enjoy the benefits of being an independent business owner without committing to a large investment.

Wise choice. You're not alone in recognizing the advantages of these type of businesses.

However, you'd like to make a wise choice as to WHICH ONE of the many opportunities available to join as well, right?

While I will go through some of the aspects you should consider when looking into starting your own business, I want you to do something else first.

Identify YOUR strengths.

Obviously, with any marketing business, you're going to have to become good at sales. However, there are options as to which way you get your sales.

*Do you want to work strictly online, offline, or both?
*Do you want to sell products only?
*Or recruit a downline to sell with you?

This is where you must think about what you want to do on a daily basis and make some decisions based upon your strengths and desires.


For instance, the online world uses written communication extensively. You don't necessarily have to be great at writing, but you must be able to communicate clearly, write effective advertising, and maintain business correspondence.

Will you be willing to call distant prospects if necessary? Or do you expect to conduct all your business via email? Will you need to write sales letters or build a web site? Or do you want to work with a company that provides those items for you? The personal touch is always better in business, but are you willing to work that way?

Offline selling requires face to face contact and sales tactics. How will you talk to your prospects? Where will you get your leads? How much time, traveling, or investment will this take?

These are all items to consider and as such, you need to identify which areas you are strong in or willing to work at learning.


There are literally thousands of products, both physical and digital. The best products are those that you personally have an interest in, and those with a growing market. However, are you simply interested in selling a quality product line to others or recruiting a downline to sell with you? Which process do you expect to be better at? Can you sell enough product to make the kind of money you desire? Or will you be better at recruiting others and making your money from their sales?

Again these are all decisions you need to make BEFORE you go looking for a business opportunity. As well, you may want to consider programs you are already involved with that aren't producing what you expected. Is it the program, or does it just not fit well with the strengths you have?


Naturally, there is nothing wrong with learning more to improve yourself and fortify your weaknesses. There is a lot of information available on marketing products and recruiting others, both online and offline. There are always services available for hire to help you in the areas you need as well.

Plus, some programs offer extra training for serious individuals and even help in recruiting a downline. Liberty Management is one company that is sweeping the Internet by producing legitimate results and building paying downlines for their clients. ( click here for a FREE heads up review of what Liberty is actually doing from the LOBO Letter, a paid subscription newsletter that independently reviews programs mailto:libertyreview@n... ).


The BEST part of working your own business is getting to do what you want. So don't jump headlong into an opportunity just because you like the money it's supposed to make if it means doing things that either you aren't good at or don't like. It WON'T make that kind of money for you in that instance anyway.

Identify your strengths, desires, and goals. Don't be afraid to admit the areas you want to avoid or that you'll require assistance with either. THEN go looking for a business that YOU can be happy with. In the end, it will save you time, expense, and ultimately make you more successful.

Written by Joe Bingham, Editor of the NetPlay Newsletter.

Copyright 2004 by Logos by Logo Design Logo Design. All rights reserved. This document may not be copied in part or full without express written permission from the publisher. Privacy Policy,