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Books on logos & logo design brought to you by

Design It Yourself Logos Letterheads and Business Cards : The Non-Designers Step-By-Step Guide
by Chuck Green

Book Description
This is not a design theory book - it is a design instruction book. Artist and author Chuck Green steps you through the concept, layout, and production process of creating a marketing smart logo and incorporating it into an eye-catching letterhead, business card, and envelope.

Eva and Adele : Logo
by Ernst-Gerhard Guse (Editor

How to Design Logos, Symbols & Icons : 23 Internationally Renowned Studios Reveal How They Develop Trademarks for Print and New Media
by Gregory Thomas, Earl A. Powell

Book Description
Logos are everywhere. You can't walk down a supermarket aisle, open a magazine, drive down the highway or turn on tv without being pummeled with graphic IDs that shout, "Apple Computers!" or "Nike!" or "Purina!"

International Logos & Trademarks
by Supon Design Group (Editor)

Letterhead & Logo Design 3 : Creating the Corporate Image
by Editors at Rockport Publishers (Editor)

Book Description
The fifth volume in the Letterhead and Logo Design series is a remarkable collection of new and innovative letterheads and logos by today's top designers. Each of the designs successfully captures the personality of the businesses while still effectively and clearly communicating their identities. ...

Letterhead & Logo Design 4 : Creating the Corporate Image
by Rockport Publisher (Editor)

Book Description
This fourth collection of the world's best letterhead and logo design showcases the most elemental--and popular--areas of graphic design today. Each featured letterhead and logo design was selected for its creativity and effectiveness: the volume as a whole presents a wealth of ideas for designers...

Letterhead + Logo Design 5
by Rockport Publishers (Compiler)

Letterhead & Logo Design 7 (Letterhead and Logo Design)
by Sayles Graphic Design (Editor)

Logo Design 5 (Logo 5)
by B. Martin Pederson, B. Martin Pedersen (Editor)

Book Description
The newest addition to the successful series, Logo 5 features an outstanding collection of original logos, corporate symbols, and trademarks created by prestigious designers all over the world....

Logos of Bars and Restaurants
by David E. Carter (Editor)

Book Description
Graphic and interior-design professionals, students, and restaurateurs will benefit from studying this specialized report devoted to what's hottest in logo design for restaurants and bars. Going beyond logos to include cutting-edge menu designs and interior motifs that carry out the establishment's...

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