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Logo Design That Works : Secrets for Successful Logo Design
by Lisa Silver

Book Description
Logo design titles continue to sell the most copies of all graphic design subjects. This hard-working title examines 100 logo designs by illustrating how and why the design works. Sidebars compare and contrast rough drafts of popular logos with their final versions, and short tips address issues...

Logos : The Development of Visual Symbols
by Steven Skaggs, et al

Book Description
This book traces the development of a logo through a series of sketches as the author finds the best fit of subject matter and visual expression.

New Logo and Trademark Design
by Editorial Staff (Editor)

Print's Best Logos & Symbols 6 (Print's Best Logos & Symbols 6)
by Caitlin Dover (Editor)

The Big Book of Logos
by David Carter (Editor)

Book Description
A huge resource packed with logo designs from all sorts of different businesses & organizations in just about every style you could possibly imagine. Softcover.

The New Big Book of Logos
by David E. Carter (Editor)

Book Description
It's hard to top a book that ranked among the top-selling 2 percent of all books in print, but this revised edition does just that by adding a huge new crop of recent designs to its previous collection, creating a deluxe, full-color volume packed with 2,500 superior logo designs.

TM, Trademarks Designed by Chermayeff & Geismar
by Ivan Chermayeff, et al

Book Description
The NBC peacock, the PBS "everyman," the Chase Bank octagon, and hundreds of other outstanding trademarks have been created by one design firm, Chermayeff & Geismar Inc. Their logos and identity programs for high-profile corporations such as Mobil, Time Warner, Viacom, and Xerox, and for preeminent...

The New Logo from California
by Gerry Rosentswieg

The Power of Logos: How to Create Effective Company Logos
by William L. Haig, Laurel Harper (Contributor)

Book Description
The Power of Logos provides a thorough explanation of how to plan, develop, evaluate, and implement a company logo system. It contains valuable how-to information for every graphic designer, graphic design student, and small business owner.

Touch Graphics : The Power of Tactile Design (Letterhead & Logo Design)
by Rita Street, et al

What Logos Do : And How They Do It
by Anistatia R. Miller, Jared M. Brown

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