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FreeHand 10.0
-Powerful productivity tools for graphic designers
-Create once, then publish across multiple media
-Sophisticated vector-based illustration tools
-Create true contour gradients
-Customizable master pages

Product Description
FreeHand 10 offers graphic designers powerful productivity features, including master pages, the new Macromedia user interface, and sophisticated vector-based illustration tools. You can enhance your project workflow by creating a document once, then publishing it across multiple media, including print, the Web, and beyond. Version 10 of FreeHand offers a rich collection of preview-ready presets that designers can use to achieve results right out of the box.

True Contour Gradients allows you to create multicolor gradients that follow the contour of an outlining path. It also enables you to create visual effects with stunning realism, and to illustrate with much less effort. You can easily integrate multiple Macromedia Web publishing products into your existing workflow with the Macromedia user interface. Its immediate accessibility makes the authoring process more intuitive to current users and more approachable to new users.

IPTC Header File Support enables cross-media publishing. FreeHand 10 lets you preserve International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC) information in files that will be used by the news media. IPTC-aware third-party applications can access IPTC header information, such as copyrights, credits, captions, search words, and other data used to catalog image files.

FreeHand now offers Web-standard page sizes. Create or convert to standard Web page sizes easily for consistent multipublishing results. With the Macromedia Flash Navigation Panel you can test your Macromedia Flash movies within FreeHand before you export them to Macromedia Flash. The resizable, modeless navigation panel streamlines the functions of the URL Editor and Set Note Xtra extensions by letting you apply Internet links and Macromedia Flash actions to graphics and text from within FreeHand 10.

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